Michael Jordan

The lights go dim in Chicago's United Center, the music starts to play, the fans go wild, and the voice of the Bulls' Ray Clay begins to introduce the starting lineup for the Chicago Bulls. He works his way through the Bulls' starting lineup, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Luc Longley, Ron Harper, and then that moment arrives when the decibal level raises a few notches as he calls out ...From North Carolina, at guard, 6'6, Michaelllll Jordannnnn!!!!!!

This is my little tribute to the GREATEST player to have ever stepped on the basketball court. Michael Jordan's my favorite athlete of any sport so I've decided to do a page dedicated to him. The things this man can do are abosuletly AMAZING and even if you're not a big Jordan fan you still can't help but to be in awe by the things he can do on the basketball court. This page contains some brief information on Michael Jordan and a bunch of links to MJ homepages on net.

This is how many points Jordan has scored on you so far!

Biographical Information

Name: Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Team: Chicago Bulls
Position: Guard
Height: 6'6
Weight: 198 lbs
College: North Carolina
Born: 2/17/63, Brooklyn, New York
Drafted: Third overall pick by the Chicago Bulls in 1984 draft
Career Highlights & Achievements:

Links to Jordan homepages

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MICHAEL JORDAN VIRTUAL GALLERY- A cool site with tons of pictures of Mike

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