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The Locker Room

This page is dedicated to all of the people that I've met on the net! Go ahead and look for your name and see what I've got to say about you. *grin*

Sarah- The very first friend I made on the net and one of my best net friends.*grin* She's probably one of the nicest persons you'll ever meet. I usually write to her a lot *laughs* and she's always there to help me when I have questions, especially about the net. She thinks she's got a weird sense of humor but I don't really think so, well, maybe just a little.*grin* Thanks for being my friend Sarah and for being there when I wantted to e-mail some one (and you know how much I love getting e-mail)!*grin*

Casey Anne- Someone that I met through Sarah and who you could usually find chatting at Doug's. I don't know Casey that well but I do know she's really sweet and I just had to put her on here.*grin* I remember when I first thought she was a guy because I thought Casey was a guy's name.*laughs* She's got really great taste in music too!*grin*

Brianne (aka:KAT)- I don't think a day goes by that she is not chatting!*lol* She's always a lot of fun to chat with. Oh, Brianne, you need some better taste!*grin* Come on, she doesn't like BoyzIIMen or Michael Jordan and she likes the much hated Cowboys. Now wouldn't you say that's bad taste?*lol* Oh yeah, she's the Goddess of Greek Mythology!*grin* She's still really young and got a LOT to learn *grin*, but I'm sure she'll turn out fine! You're the best Brianne! *hugz*

Judy Jetson- Judy is always causing trouble and can be a little sometimes!*laughs* Always starting food fights and picking on me.*pouts* I think she's my antagonist when it comes to food fights and all!*lol* She always knows how to liven the place up though and is always a lot of fun and can always make me laugh! *smashes a cream pie in Judy's face*-hehehe. Don't you go and disappear on me now, you know I'll miss you if you stop chatting at Galaxy.*grin*

Garnet- A great guy, oops, I mean girl *grin* who's really sweet. Always able to make me laugh and is lot of fun to talk to. Hey, where's my massage?*laughs* I'll let you see my Green Eggs and Ham boxers when I get my massage!*grin* By the way, #24 is WAY better than #31. Oh, and you need to get access to the net in your room so you don't always have to run off when in the computer lab.*lol* Love ya PG!*grin*

gabrielle- Lives in Phoenix, works for Disney, and is 23 yrs old. See gabby, I remembered!*grin* She knows how bad my memory can be at times.*lol* She's a great cook *lmao*, oh wait (there's that damn memory lapse again), she's a terrible cook. Don't worry gabby, you're probably a better cook than me. I'll make you some microwave popcorn and scrambled eggs one day.*lol* Oh yeah, and I'll cook you that salad you wanted! Thanks again for helping me get started on my hp! Oh, and stop going to those damn chataholics anonymous meetings.*laughing*

Love- Probably one of the coolest teachers I know.*grin* A girls basketball coach and volleyball coach and some other sports but I can't remember.*laughs* Guess she just "loves" working with young people! Hey Love, CHECK! *checks ball up to Love* And no elbowing in the groin area!*lmao*

California Love- Really sweet bunch of girls! They've got GREAT taste in music and ALWAYS know the songs that I sing!*grin* They love music and love to dance. They do a lot of whispering but it's okay cuz they usually still talk to me.*grin* Thanks for the virtual bouqet Melissa! "Strumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words, Killing Me Softly with his song, Killing Me Softly with his song, telling my whole life with his words, Killing Me Softly with his songggg..."

Raider- A guy that I can usually count on when I get into food fights with Judy and her minions!*grin* He lives in Alaska which is probably why he chats so much, because it's so cold up there and he's probably always stuck indoors.*lol* He can be trouble though when he teams up with mari and they both decide to tease me with graphics that I don't know (which aren't many)!

WhoMan (aka:SnOwBoArDeR)- A guy that I met when I first met Brianne(KAT). The high school math incident!*lmao* He's always cool to chat with cuz we share some of the same interest. The boy thinks he can beat me at basketball *laughs* but I think I would school him!*lol* If we ever play WhoMan, I'll give you a 5 point head start!*grin*

Tracey & Iceman- Two people that I spent many a hours interrogating!*lol* They're both really funny but I'm not sure if they answered all my questions honostly.*laughing* Oh yeah, Tracey's really lucky cuz she lives in Hawaii and gets to go to the Pro Bowl every year!! Oh, I guess she's kindda lucky to have Iceman too.*lmao*

Allison- *huge hug and sloppy kisses* She's really nice but you better watch out cuz she might drool all over you with those sloppy kisses of hers!!*laughs* Do you wantta sing a song with me Allison?*smile* Oh yeah, Allison, you gotta stop SHOUTING so much!*lol* Allison, who's that behind you?? *flags her as she looks over her shoulder* hehehehe

Arissa- Another person who's always SHOUTING like Allison. I think them two think people are deaf or something.*lol* She's a soccer player at Syracuse and she knows John Wallace! Cool huh? She's a funny girl and is a lot of fun to talk to. Arissa, you're so poor you go to KFC just to lick other peoples fingers!*grins*

lezzietwins- A very witty person who's always got a smart remark to make. She's about the oldest person on the face of the earth!*laughs* Just kiddin, she's really just a little older than I am but I always gotta tease her bout that.*wink* Better watch out for her cuz she can get pretty nasty sometimes.*grin* She's someone that I don't think I'll ever be able to figure out. One day she'll be the sweetest person in the forum while the next she'll be the one causing trouble. Go figure.*laughs* Snookums, Dan Marino asked when can he meet you!*lol*

SweetDreams- She's usually very sweet but when lezzietwins gets her going you better watch out. She seems to always be the first one to say hi to me when I get into the forum. Oh yeah, and for all you guys that are wondering, YES SweetDreams IS a female!*laughs* And if you're really nice to her she can make your dreams really sweet.(Uh oh, I think she's gonna get harassed by guys now...oops *lol*) SweetDreams, I think you're gonna need to get new body guards and watch dogs!!*lmao*

TIGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!- *counts to make sure all the !'s are there* Yep, they're all there.*grin* She's got the most wanted graphic in Galaxy, well, at least the one I want. Hmmmm, I wonder if she'll ever tell me it, but then again she never tells me anything.*lmao* . Tigress, you'll be hearing from my lawyer! I'm sueing you for everything you've got.*evil grin* She's a really sweet tigress but don't get her mad cuz she's got some sharp claws.*lol*

Athena Nike- She's got the best name in all of Galaxy!*smile* Athena's a bit wacky at times but always a lot of fun to chat with. She plays basketball and claims that she would school me in a game of 1-on-1.*lol* If we ever play I think I should probably spot her a few points though.*grin*...*flags Athena and quickly ties his draw strings and tapes his shorts*

Pizza Dudette- My secret agent when it comes to secret graphics.*wink* She's one of my best sources for graphics. A total chataholic who you can usually find chatting in Galaxy.*lol* The girl even chats at work, probably ignoring customers that come in sometimes!*laughing*

Paige- She's my sportscaster at Galaxy Chat. Definitely THE best football informant in the business!*wink* She keeps me up to date on the NFL draft and trade news. A Ohio State Buckeye who says she's just recently discovered the joy of sports. Jeez Paige, where have you been??*laughing* She's a Milwaukee Bucks fan and probably a big fan of VIN Baker!*grin*

I'm still adding names to this page so if you're name is not here yet be patient, it'll be eventually or if you want to make sure I remember you just email me.